Provides the main Click runtime components.


Interface Summary
ActionListener Provides a listener interface for receiving Control action events.
Control Provides the interface for Page controls.

Class Summary
ClickServlet Provides the Click application HttpServlet.
Context Provides the HTTP request context information for pages and controls.
ControlRegistry Provides a thread local register for ActionListener events.
Page Provides the Page request event handler class.

Package Description

Provides the main Click runtime components.

This package defines the core application runtime classes and exception. The main class developers will use is the Page class which provides application pages, the Context class which provides page's their request context, and Control interface which Page controls extend.

Other classes include the ClickServlet which provides the Click runtime environment, and ClickApp which encapsulates the Click application configuration. This class has package private visibility and are not intended for general use. Of course as an open source project this class can be modified to suite individual needs.