Provides the Click runtime services.


Interface Summary
ConfigService Provides a Click application configuration service interface.
FileUploadService Provides a file upload service interface.
LogService Provides a logging service for the Click runtime.
TemplateService Provides a templating service interface.

Class Summary
CommonsFileUploadService Provides an Apache Commons FileUploadService class.
ConsoleLogService Provides a Log Service class which will log messages to the console or System.out.
VelocityTemplateService Provides a Velocity TemplateService class.
VelocityTemplateService.LogChuteAdapter Provides a Velocity LogChute adapter class around the application log service to enable the Velocity Runtime to log to the application LogService.
XmlConfigService Provides a Click XML configuration service class.
XmlConfigService.ExcludePage Provide an Excluded Page class.

Package Description

Provides the Click runtime services.

This package defines the core Click application runtime service interfaces and class implementations.